Egg yellow east tai electric door sales departments

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Contact phone number:13697861219
Address:Longkou harbour city avenue across from wuzhou hospital

About us

      Longkou east electric door is a research and development,Sales in the famous brand:License plate recognition system,Human face recognition system,Intelligence community,The electric door,Translational block the door,Automatic induction door,High-end revolving door,To buildings,The brake,Transport facilities, etc
As the main products of enterprises。
      Companies adhering to the“Reputation is more important than life,Character than your daughter。Be man in advance,To build brand personality”The spirit of enterprise,Adhere to the people-oriented、The quality of societe generale,The implementation“Recruitment of wise men、Taught talents”Of choose and employ persons、Education、Retention, talent management strategy A little,Committed to the win-win of enterprises and employees,Build value development platform for employees,With humanized management means to create economic value and social value。Braving the sometimes,The sea in full hanging straight。As the economy Generation of development,Companies follow the market pulse beating,In order to“Exceed customer expectations、Create customer value”Is the management idea,Enlarges the scale of the enterprise,Working to improve the management mechanism,Strive to become the industry pioneer。The pursuit of excellence quality Meet customer requirements。

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